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Bonjour mes belles,

I am fallen in love with a florist not far from where we are staying and thought that  I would take a couple of photos. Fortunately I had already taken a couple of photos before I was told off for taking photos. The reason that they say no photos as that they have had people copy their floral arrangements. Once I explained that we over on holiday from France hence no risk, the owners was very happy to chat about France and flowers markets in France.

The lillies are fresh from the market and they smelt divine.

Also loved the hydrangeas and they always look fabulous either fresh or fried. The owner of this lovely florist advised that they are always thirsty.

The weather here is hot and sunny so we are planning on going to the beach this vie est vraiment belle ici!

à très bientôt, Leeann x


  1. I love lilies but I really love Hydrangeas ! :)

  2. Flowers en masse have a special appeal. These are vibrant compared to those withering in our garden in Melbourne!

  3. Love the the black containers where They are in never seen black one's love Ria x


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