Bonjour from a very warm Auckland in NZ

Bonjour from a very warm Auckland,

As you know we are in New Zealand visiting family and it is a bit of a culture shock.

We have come from a small medieval village where it is very cold to a fabulous modern house in a very warm Auckland that is situated by the sea.

The first "shock" is that there are kiwi accents everywhere which is odd for me having spent almost 25 years away from New Zealand. The second is that everyone is super friendly which is quite a contrast to France where the people are reserved and less smiley. 

It is rather an odd feeling being a tourist in the country that you were born in and I am slowly getting used to the feeling. 

That said, we feel at home as there is an antique shop not far from where we are staying that sells lots of lovely French items, there are many french objects in the house where we are staying and we have also found French food in the local supermarket. 

We ran into a French family at the ferry terminal which we found amusing as the parents live not far from us in SW France and the children have taken NZ citizenship.

We are looking forward to a fabulous week of sightseeing and French Boyfriend is loving being in such a country that has just a laid back approach to life and yet at the same time has an energy that simply does not exisit in Europe.

Wishing you all a semaine fabuleuse......Leeann x

p.s. The photo was taken in the garden where we are staying, how lucky are we?


  1. Sounds like a wonderful holiday Leeann. Love your photos.

  2. what a wonderful garden. enjoy your visit, it's a lovely city.

  3. Sounds like you are having a wonderful time, do you think you would ever go back to live


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