c'est pas cher...


Yesterday there was a large vide grenier taking place in our village, French Boyfriend got there early and snapped up most of the bargains.

I on the other hand, arrived a bit later and bumped into him as I arrived at a stand when a young French girl had these  lovely faux peonies in her hand. C'est combien s'il vous plaît I demanded....she replied 1 euro.

I said I would take them, French Boyfriend said but they are plastic....I said yes but I like them.

Guests bounded down the stairs this morning, first words out of their mouths "what lovely flowers" I said yes not bad for plastic. They replied plastic but they look so real.

For 1 euro I am very happy with my purchase.....

à demain, Leeann


  1. My mother-in-law was an expert at mixing faux with real. She didn't mind it at all, though she was a very elegant woman. Indeed, if they give you pleasure I would say, "Well done, Leeann!"


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