Autumn is on the way....

Bonjour from a still warm SW France,

Today we have a high of 27 degrees which is not bad considering we are in October and it is quite humid.   We are making the best of the warm weather as it is set to cool down a bit next week.

As a result of the warmer than normal temperatures, many of the trees still have most of their leaves so I was happy to see some of the trees at the nearby  Chateau de Bridoire have started to shed their leaves...


I have decided to make the best of the warm weather as the winter's are long in this part of France and no doubt will be moaning about how cold it is in the weeks to come.

amicalement, Leeann x 
p.s. The chair is coming on, I have finished the arms today and removed all of the decorative tacks from the other one, so feel like I am making progress. 


  1. Loving the artful outdoor displays Leeann! (and this weather)

    The Arts by Karena
    Featuring Jeff Koons

  2. Oh how wonderful!
    The first picture with the rabbit is amazing!


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