I like a bit of leopard now and then....

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Bonjour mes belles,

There is something about Monday's in France that I am learning to love. When I first arrived, they used to frustrate me as it always seemed that the shop I wanted so desperately to visit, was closed.

Fast forward 7 years and I have got used to shops being closed on Mondays and now use Monday as a "cleanup" from the weekend.

Monday mornings seem sleepy as if to say "go slowly, take a deep breath"....pace yourself.

This morning is a good example, guests are all still sleeping and I am using the time to work on some decoration ideas for our new project.

One of my favourite places to search for inspiration is pinterest and it is there that I found the fabulous photo of the leopard print chair.  Not sure that it really goes with my grey/white/rocaille style theme but it made me smile when I saw it.

Every girl needs a little bit of leopard and I have some French Sole pumps that have a touch of leopard plus a couple of other items that I love using to jazz up a simple outfit.

Back to my sleepy Monday, I must go but feel that a nespresso maybe in order....
Wishing you all a semaine très douce, Leeann x


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  2. A beautiful meditation with ditto chair.
    Enjoy the espresso.

    I wish you have a good Monday!

    Warm greetings, Helena

  3. Love a bit of leopard as well Leeann and have flats in this design so perfect for many an outfit! Enjoy your Monday!

    The Arts by Karena

  4. What a great find! That's a really nice chair, and looks like the perfect piece for your room.

  5. An amazing chair. French furniture always adds character to a room, but upholstered in fabulous fabric just adds that je ne sais quoi! This would be a fab focal point to pull a room scheme together.


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