from my kitchen to yours...

Bonjour from a windy SW France,

As I write this, there is a lovely smell of roast chichen in my kitchen and it is just about ready to serve. French Boyfriend has never got used to the idea of eating a sandwich hence he is happy and busy getting ready to serve our "free range" bird.

Hence today's title from my kitchen to yours as the kitchen is a place that I adore spending as much time as possible and even more so as a result of living in France.Do you feel the same? Dites moi... le poulet est prêt so I am off now,

très bonne semaine à tous, Leeann x


  1. I was very excited about the size and style of the kitchen in my new home but then when my husband died, all my cooking interest died too .. so I have a lovely kitchen where I mostly make couscous and salads :)
    Weekends when I have company is when the kitchen comes to life !
    Share your recipe for chicken ! s'il vous plait

  2. Sorry to hear that your husband passed away. Guy appreciates me cooking and I al always interested in hearing waht he thinks as he is a good cook and it seems to come naturally to him. Here is the link to the recipe....

    amicalement, Leeann

  3. Some days I love to spend cooking and some days I just want to curl up with a book. Both good ideas.

  4. As a child (and one of 5 siblings) my family life centered around our large kitchen table - a place for debate, laughter, lengthy conversations, playing cards and chess, endless cups of tea and savoring Mother's wonderful cooking. Thankfully, many of these traditions have continued with the next generation. Warm regards


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