love this room...

photos from here

How gorgeous is this room? It is part of a small hotel located in Sicily, each room is stunning.

We watched a programme about the history of the Roman empire last night which must have had an effect on me. Love Rome and Sicily and this maybe just the push that I need to return......

If you want to see more photos of this lovely hotel, click here.

As for me, it is back to packing boxes I must go, it appears to be a never ending task.

à demain, Leeann x


  1. Beautiful French style, I adore it!

    XX Kat

  2. I'd love to visit and hike in Sicily. this hotel looks enchanting. Am planning a hiking trip in Italy for this summer, will look into Sicily.

  3. Not only the atmosphere but also the views, gorgeous!

    Have a nice day!



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