I adore tulips...

Tulips make me happy, I do not know what it is about them but they have a magical allure and it is for that reason that I adore them. Love the colour of these ones that French Boyfriend bought me at the weekend, they work really well with the grey coloured walls of our new dining room.

This post is later than usual as it has been one of those whirl wind days with everything happening at the same time hence I am about to open a nice bottle of red wine...one of the joys of living in a region reknown for its wine, there is always plenty to choose from.

très bonne semaine à tous, Leeann x


  1. Oh my, tulips are truly gorgeous and I love having them around, they make me so smile! Tulips and wine, what an enchanting post!

  2. Oh I could not agree more...tulips are one of my favorites..lilacs,lily of the valley are a couple others I adore!!! Pretty post,xo


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