Wednesday, 11 December 2013

upside down...

photo from here

Bonjour mes belles,

I hope that you are having a fabulous week, mine is not really going as planned but have decided to go with the flow. Living in France has taught me this, note it has taken a good 6 years, hence today's photo reflects my mood. 

It is an exciting time for us with a lot of changes on the horizon, I cannot wait to share them with you but for now my lips are sealed.....

amicalement, Leeann x


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  1. Bonjour, Leeann, Even though I hadn't thought the mailman had been able to get up our hill (I've been snowbound, now, for 5 days!), he did, and yesterday I found your package with my wonderful french laundry labels in it! Merci, Leeann! I can't wait for my friends to open their Christmas gifts and see that 'fabulously french' vintage label on their fait-main objects d'arts!!! Mary in Oregon


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