Week-end tresors....

Bonjour from a still sunny and hot SW France,

I hope that you had a fabulous week-end. Ours as per normal was a busy one and French Boyfriend decided to hold a vide-garage yesterday as there was a brocante taking place in the grounds of the old chateau.

End result, we now have a lot of space in the garage.....almost enough to park a car.

We still have a couple of lovely carved bed ends should anyone be looking some. They are intricately carved and came out of a local chateau hence they are not the run of the mill style that you often find in France.

I managed to find a couple of treasures yesterday despite the small number of sellers as I think that the hot weather really put them off coming, which was a shame as it is such a lovely setting.

My favourite find of the day is this fabulous and very romantic looking antique clock.

Although it no longer works, it really is a stunning and most decorative object.

I particularly love the detail on top of the clock...

You will find it here.

Another find was this adorable wall hanging which is signed MD, and on the back it is marked Reves d'Aiguille Michele Delarche.

You can find more details here.

Another find was this fabulous petite napoleon III style jewellery box which is perfect for storing and displaying a favourite piece.

My last find of the day will make and American readers smile as it was a pair of vintage French flags that date from back to world war II. Note I have not had time to photograph them or decide what I will do with them. 

Je vous souhaite un bon début de semaine et un tout doux Lundi ♥ ♥
Leeann x


  1. simply gorgeous. I adore your blog and your treasures, particularly the new jewellery box! looking forward to the next posts indeed :) merci Leeann xx

  2. Great finds, especially that clock. I did a brocante on Sunday and everyone was leaving early because of the heat, but I did manage to find one treasure!
    Regards, Alexander


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