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Bonjour from a cloudy SW France,

The sun appears to have disappeared aujourd'hui, but that is not a bad thing as it gives me a chance to catch up on housekeeping type tasks which appear to go on and on....I am sure that you know the feeling when you finally finish one task and another rears it's ugly head.

Yesterday saw the arrival of these adorable mugs and I took great delight in serving French Boyfriend his morning café in one whilst I drunk mine out of the other.

He was even wearing a t-shirt in the same colour blue so I was most happy but not sure he appreciated it when I told him that they matched perfectly....think that it is a girl thing!

I think that they would make great gifts and for later in the year we have Christmas gift tags to match.

You will find details here and here.

Back to work I must go......

à demain mes belles, Leeann x



  1. These are adorable! Too much cuteness! :)

    M.A. @ Marie Angelique

  2. Leeann they are darling; men do not understand!

    2013 Designer Series


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