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Bonjour mes belles,

I am not sure what has happened to the sunshine, it has disappeared  and it has turned cold here hence I am in the mood to stay in doors and work on some projects.

One involves painting and is drying at present so hope to show you the finished product tomorrow.

The other is inspired by the above photo which I adore. As you know I am a great fan of using moss around plants and in vases but I like the idea of using dry roses as they make a lovely contrast against the greeness of the moss.

All I need now is some roses.....

à très bientot, Leeann x



  1. What a gorgeous image! I'm a fan of dried roses too. It's so cold here but I'm surprised to hear that you are not basking in sunshine and warmth where you are.

  2. I love Coquecigrues too!!!
    Just buy many things ...
    In Italy too ... the sun desappears!
    Rain and rain and again only rain ... and its really cold.
    Have a great week.
    Bisous, Babi


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