vendredi fleurs....

Bonjour from a spring-like SW France,

This week we are taking a break from French Food, but I may post a recipe over the course of the weekend just to keep you on your toes.

I adore flowers and would loved to have been a florist, being surrounded in flowers all day would be a dream come true and my dream business would be to have an antiques shop/salon du thé/florist so if there are any florists that want to come and live in France, you know where I am.....

There is a certain something about tulips as I love the way they appear to dance in water, turning every which way and these lovely red ones certainly give a dash of colour to my kitchen.

Très bonne fin de semaine, Leeann x


  1. Leeann it is never too late to follow your dream of being a florist. I started my floristry course last year and am now in my 2nd year. Next year is the fun design part which you can get truly creative....I can't wait ! Antiques and flowers are my passion and that is exactly what my shop will be one day. I have a THURSDAY FLOWERS segment on my blog every Thursday if you fancy popping in to see what we make each week. I am a busy Mum with 4 children. If I can do it then anybody can ! Follow your passion x

  2. When you start your antiques shop/salon du thé/florist, I would love to work there also ans play with all the flowers and antiques all day


  3. This is the best season I like best. In spring I feel so comford. Thank you for sharing such a good post. Spiral Ginger

  4. Beautiful flowers!


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