Look what I found...

Bonjour à tous,

Yesterday was another busy day as we were rushing all over the place and we had winds of 85 kms per hour hence it was rather windy to say the least.

On Sunday we went to 2 vide greniers and 1 flea market. At the 2nd vide grenier, we spotted a a vendor selling a naturalised bird and we asked if he, by chance had a naturalised owl as I was looking for one to put in the new boutique.

To our amazement he said yes he did have one, infact he had two that he was willing to sell so we took his number and yesterday we went to see him and his tresors.

End result.......he is now guarding the boutique and I adore him. I only wish that you could see the back as his feathers are magnificent but I daren't move him as he is rather fragile but will take some more photos when he is residing in the new boutique.


Unfortunately there were not a lot of tresors to be had at the weekend apart from a fabulous light fitting, one that I have spent 4 years searching for and ironically it was an antique dealer that we know well so could negotiate on the asking price without insulting him.

I will show you a photo once I have hang it as it is bound for the apartment on the 2nd floor.

à demain, Leeann x


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