I love chocolate...

......and France is a country that is full of chocolate shops, hence this is indeed a match made in heaven!

Leeann x


  1. Easter must definitely be your time of year! Enjoy

  2. I will be there tomorrow...and will spoil myself with an Easter chocolate treat!

  3. Oh yes! I have happy memories of the chocolaterie in Guingamp where we used to buy chocolate shells for The Ragazza who adores them, and the cafe that sells the most delicious raspberry 'macarons' as well as the chocolate 'mendiants' (is that the word?) that I can't resist

    So, when we go home for a visit in May you know where we'll be visiting, don't you?!

  4. I love the French chocolate shops and when I lived over there I used to love the colourful window displays at Easter. Joyeuses Pâques!


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