fabulous and VERY French...

Bonjour mes belles,

We had a lovely heat wave at the weekend which has been replaced with a bit of chilliness which has caused havoc in the North of France with lots of snow and ice, hence it is back to cosy jumpers for us. 

Today I am day dreaming of  rides through the lovely countryside in a lovely old 2CV with the top down and picnics by the riverside.....

à demain, Leeann x


  1. From where I sit in the middle of a wretched heat wave, I'm dreaming of France in summer too. A 2CV would make it parfait!

  2. I used to drive a 2 CV in Boston until it totally rusted through! I am actually looking for a 2 CV camionette, that i would paint in dark brown with INTERIEURS logo for local deliveries...wouldn't that be smart looking!

  3. Oh I love the aqua one. Stay warm!

  4. I am dreaming too Leeann adore these citroens am a little over the Paris snow!! Come on spring we are more than ready xxCarla

  5. Years ago we had a 2CV which we drove over to France - what a fun time we had. We have blue skies here but it's freezing cold and we had snow on Monday!


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