staying tidy...

Bonjour mes belles,

For some reason I seem to find it hard staying tidy and end up with wee piles of things everywhere. 

We have just finished serving breakfast to our guests hence this is the perfect time to take a photo as our kitchen/dining area is looking realatively tidy. 

The problem is that our kitchen serves many purposes, office come atelier plus I use it to take photos of stock so am envious when I see lovely photos in magazines of clean, bare looking spaces......what about you? Do you manage to live in an organised space or do you find that it tends to get on top of you when you least expect it? I am hoping that there are others of you out there like me!

My mission for 2013 is to try and live in a tidier environment, that or put everything in the garage.....

trés bonne journée à tous, Leeann x


  1. Since we are moving from South America, back to North America in the next couple of weeks, I know the feeling of Untidy :)

    All of my obsessive tendencies are twitching, I need to straighten and make everything neat and it is impossible, so I am trying to pretend that I like it this way :)

    1. I know that feeling too well as for 15 years of my life, we moved almost every year changing countries which has resulted in me staying in France for 5 years not wanting to go anywhere but as a result have accumulated too many lovely objects hence a little restraint is now required on my part. Only problem is that French Boyfriend is a hoarder so when I try to throw things away, he removes them from the poubelle and takes them to his house.....enough said!

      Leeann x

  2. Paper is my downfall. I try to deal with the mail as soon as it comes in. Bills waiting to paid go in their spot. Junk mail is thrown out. Catalogues are either pitched or scanned within a week. If there is something I love, but am not ready to buy I will put the catalogue in a basket.

  3. Confession time! My surfaces are usually tidy as I don't like clutter...inside the cupboards is another matter!!

  4. Hello Leeann, thanks for leaving a comment on my blog. Akaroa certainly is a magical place. I couldn't help noticing the use of the word 'wee' (wee piles) above so would I be right in guessing your kiwi origins are in the south?

    1. Hello Norma,

      Yes you are right, I was born in the South Island.
      We moved to Auckland when I was 5 years old but all of my school holidays were spent with my grandparents in the South was like heaven as my grandparents had the most fabulous house with wrap around verrandah and every kind of vegetable/fruit you could think of, growing in their magical garden. I could not think of a better place to grow up.....

      amicalement, Leeann x


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