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Bonjour mes belles,

It has been a busy day......a bit of spring cleaning followed by some shopping in order to commence cooking dîner; boeuf bourguignon and then take photos of the secretaire which is pretty much finished.

I decided to go with a blue/black colour on the exterior...

and a grey/blue on the interior.....

A close up of the two colours together....

It is bound for our new shop, with we are going to be opening  in a couple of month's time, with a friend our ours; Sue who is reknown for being our local Queen of "patine".

The shop in Eymet will continue to operate as normal stocking a range of gift and smaller vintage/antique items whereas the larger shop in Castillonnes, will permit us to stock a lot of larger items along with lots of antique and vintage curiosities.

As many of you know the shop is part of a house that I co-own and is currently on the market.  It was previously run as a Chambres D'hotes hence is perfect if you are looking to have a business in France. The shop used to be a butcher shop but is in the process of being fitted as an antiques shop but would lend itself to a variety of uses - florist, salon du thé, small restaurant are a few ideas that spring to mind.  You can see some photos here.

I had better go and check on dinner......

à demain, Leeann x


  1. The piece looks stunning...congratulations on the new shop, it all sounds very exciting!

  2. The colour scheme is perfect and I bet it won't be in the shop for long - you've done a wonderful job. S x


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