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Bonjour mes belles,

I cannot believe that it is already Monday afternoon, for some reason Mondays are always crazy and I seem to rush from one task to the next hence I am just getting around to writing my blog.

I wonder if Marie Antoinette had the same problem, probably as there were always people demanding her attention.......not an easy life and I suspect that she would have been happy with a simple less complicated life.

A lot of our customers including many French ladies, adore her hence we have a new arrival at Fabulously French; a fabulous coin purse featuring a portrait of MA with pearl border and the purse itself is made by a vintage chanel style fabric. 

Note these are a limited edition and once they are sold there will not be any moreas we do not have any more of the fabric. You will find details here.

Back to work I must go.......

Trés bonne semaine à tous, Leeann x



  1. Very pretty.. Hope your Monday was a good one.. Have a great evening. x

  2. Coin purses are incredibly handy - especially when one is travelling. Love the pearls and vintage fabric. Warm regards

  3. Beautiful!!!! I love carrying just a coin purse sometimes...,my grandmother used to do this often & now as an adult I can see why she's so liberating from carrying a handbag all of the time! This is a gorgeous item ;-)


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