Twinkling lights... a few photos

Bonjour from a chilly SW France,

I hope you are having a good week, ours in turning out to be a good one but no snow yet. It would need to warm up in order to snow.

Last night we headed into Bergerac to do some shopping and I managed to snap a couple of photos in between shopping.

We even bumped into Santa while we were there......

the first time he was his reindeer and the second time, he was reading a book.....Pere Noel is certainly a laid back fellow in SW France! 

Loved the wing style lights, they are my favourites as you know from last years photos.

As we were leaving I snapped this photo of the lovely lights decorating the old bridge that leads into Bergerac, they really do take my breath away each year that I see them.

I am in the process of washing a lot of the treasures that I found at the weekend so it is back to work that I go.

à demain, Leeann x 


  1. Les lumières françaises sont très jolies. Pere Noel is also very relaxed in Australia. We have about 10 cm of snow around our house in eastern France. I've yet to experience a white Christmas, but sitting in the Aussie heat makes it appear very appealing. BIsous

  2. Aww...I can't wait for Santa!
    Happy Wednesday.


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