the count down has begun...

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I do not know about you but I am happy to say au revoir to November and say Bonjour to December, my favourite month of the year.
I have already started baking for Christmas and my plan is to spend cold days baking whilst listening and singing all to Christmas carols.
It is cold here today and the forecast is for another chilly day tomorrow so you know where to find me.....
Trés bon week-end à tous, Leeann x 


  1. Dearest Leeann,
    No December is not my favorite month of the year... Since we lived for three Christmas periods in the tropics in Indonesia, it is tough. But as for festivity, yes you are right!
    Hugs to you and enjoy your 1st Advent.

  2. Bonjour Leeann,

    Enjoy the countdown to Christmas and baking.
    I have made my fruit mince for the pies and it smells great.

    Bon weekend


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