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Bonsoir mes belles,

It has been another busy Monday with most of the day being spent wrapping Fabulously French orders and thern taking therm to the Post Office where the lovely ladies have covered them in beautiful stamps.....merci encore to my gorgeous elves.

I cannot believe that it is the 3rd of December, where did the 1st and the 2nd go? I just hope that the rest of the month does not whizz past in the same fashion.

I am about to start decorating my kitchen and think something along the lines of the photo above would  be perfect.........stunning without too much bling!

à demain, Leeann x


  1. I love your plan for kitchen decorating. Simple yet beautiful

    Helen xx

  2. Please let us all see a photo of the finished product...your ideas are inspiring!

  3. Simplicity is always most lovely, i think. Some sparkle is pretty, but too much just looks overdone. The photo is beautiful!


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