au revoir été...

The French weather forecast tells us that we will be having lots of sun this week and it will be hot - mid 30's.

But I have a feeling that this will be our last really warm week  hence it will soon be time to pack away the summer hats and replace them with scarfs...

I adore being cosy and admit to having bought a fake fur throw which looks like the real thing and I have already tried draping it over the sofa and it is most inviting.........roll on Autumn!

I am off to take photos of the new stock, tres bonne journee à tous.....Leeann x


  1. I cannot say goodbye off to Paris for the shows to morrow, then a few days in Lot et Garonne and the South... my fall and winter clothes are in a closet whose doors have swollen and it is impossible to get it open! am hoping for nice weather indeed...

  2. Me too, I love being cosy and warm which is good since I am going to have 2 autumns and winters this year having just returned from Oz... Oh and Leeann have just set up my new blog. Will you make it 2 in a row ?!(you were my first follower on Semi Expat!).... Take care and have a great day. Sarah x

  3. No winter in Florida. But scarves yes.... Always !
    Enjoy the French Indian Summer :-)
    All the best,


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