new place to sit....

The new chair that I ordered for the bedroom in apartment un has finally arrived.

I adore the colour and texture of the fabric as it has a suede like feel to it.

The perfect place to sit or if you are anything like me, place clothes.......which reminds me that I need to tidy my room as the chair in my rtoom resembles the leaning tower of Pisa.....enough said!

I am hoping that there are others of you out there in blogland who are just like me or am I the only one with this bad habit?

...dites-moi svp, Leeann x


  1. I too, pile up clothes on my bedroom chair, bench, whatever is near. I hesitate to hang something back up in the closet if I've only worn it a few hours, and, of course, it isn't dirty enough to need washing....

  2. I cannot believe you pile up clothes on chairs! I am quite taken aback! I mean, clothes on the floor, books on the chairs, please!


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