Buying a French bed in France....

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You would think that it would be easier to buy a French style bed in France than in any other country in the world.

If you are looking for a smallish 140 cms wide, antique French bed, it is not a problem as there are hundreds to chosse from as from a size prospective, everyone is upsizing to a bigger bed.

But and I stress the but, if you are looking for a brand new antique copy style there are not a lot to choose from as for some reason the French are that interested in buying French style beds and prefer other styles. Where as us foreigners love French style beds, and cannot get enough of them especially when we buy houses in their fabulous country.

So you can imagine how shocked/happy/relieved I was when I found lots of fabulous large and very French styled beds.......

this particular bed has stolen my heart and all I need to do is transport it from the UK to makes me smile having to buy a French style bed outside of France and then ship to France.

I love the detail on it and the taupe linen with the distressed stone colour patine colour is perfect........

It is a choice between this one which I adore or this antique style gilt bed with fabulous grey silk covering which is a little bit more bling bling but I really like it and have just the chandelier and a fabulous extra large antique mirror to go with it......but you already knew that didn't you?

The good new is for those of you that live in the UK delivery is free, so you can count yourselves lucky that it is easier for you than it is for me to find a fabulous French bed.

For these and lots more fabulous French style beds visit the sueno website.

As for me it is back to work as I need to earn some money to pay for my new bed.

à demain mes belles, Leeann x


  1. Gorgeous!
    It is really too funny that you had to go outside the country!
    Enjoy your new bed!

  2. Both are stunning...if it's a toss up consider the size of your room...with the prominent foot board on the first one this might take up too much visual space and make the room look smaller whereas the second one appears to have no foot board or else a very understated one and would feel like it is taking up less space even though you will be luxuriating in its generous proportions. You have such a great eye and are so talented with finishing details there is no doubt that which ever one you choose is going to be you know how many of us in blogland have swooned over the image of the second bed as it has made the rounds...hmmm so guess is you will go with that one!

    Sweet dreams,



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