time ticking away....

photo my kitchen @ Maison No.20

Is it just me or is the time ticking away at a faster pace than normal?

My list of tasks to do appears to grow longer by the day and as I eliminate one task another rears it's head.

If only I could freeze time for at least a day, I may just get some of those tasks on that list finished.

Are you in favour of freezing time, dites-moi....

Leeann x


  1. YOU. BET!!!!

    Freeze it now please for at least three days...that way I may, just may get a few things done. Or I may just stay in bed and not feel guilty. much.

  2. Oui! Reading your lovely blog, and those others which I choose to follow, swallow time with my coffee. But my choice? To enjoy life and to remain content with enjoying the reading about life elsewhere, in an country which I miss. Louise

  3. Please time, please freeze. My birthday is coming up and i still remember every moment of the same day last year. What happened in between. Can I freeze just one year??

  4. Would never argue with this, yes please. Things are getting hectic in here. Love your kitchen, sleek and stylish. Got my eye on your blog now.


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