sunday morning treasure...

As I sit writing this post, French Boyfriend is taking a sieste after spending the morning treasure hunting with me.

The first vide grenier that we visited this morning was situated in a park which backed onto a river.

What a fabulous way to start the sky, cool morning air, shady trees and lots of stands full of potential treasures for one and all!

My first find was a local lady selling lots of fabulous table napkins; 3 different designs and all are gorgeous. I was conscious of the fact that there were a lot of antique dealers circling so decided the best approach was to purchase all that she had available.

End result.....french shopping basket full of serviettes, 33 in total.

Next purchase was a wall mounted cabinet containing a collection of shells, will photograph this later and show you a photo.

A few stalls later, we found a lovely local lady selling antique post cards which we admired one by one and walked away with 12 beautiful cards which I plan on placing in the album that I found last week.

Next up was the crocodile's head which FBF wanted so I bought it for him and you can see it in the photo above...enough said!

Then it was off to another vide grenier wwhich was being held in the streets of a local village.

It was chaos when we arrived, with everyone searching for a space to park. We managed to find a parking and off we set on our mission.

This particular vide grenier, was a contrast to the first, in the fact that there were more professional sellers, hence the quality of the goods on offer was high as were the prices.

This said, there is always a special price for fellow dealers of which French Boyfriend is one, having been in the business for over 30 years (let's just say he started at a yound age :-) )   and I love it when they start talking about their recent finds and the history that surrounds each object.

From one dealer who had the most gorgeous items, we bought the soup ladle that you see above.... the set that you see below in its original box lined with velvet. All three pieces have the same design and gorgeous monogramme.

Another purchase from the same dealer was a pair of gorgeous but heavy candelabras which would be perfect for giving your dining table that something extra. I have not had time to unwrap these but will try and take a photograph tomorrow as they are very decorative.

Think that is about it for now, hope that you are all having or had a fabulous weekend. 

à demain mes belles, Leeann x 


  1. I just love vide-greniers ; the suff you bought looks lovely !

  2. I can't think of a better way to spend a morning. I want your life! x Sharon

  3. I'm so envious Leeann. That beautiful monogrammed table linen is so special. I love all your finds although FBF can keep the crocodile! Amanda xx

  4. Jolie balade sur ton blog.

    Bonjour de Provence



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