bonjour mes belles...

For those of you that think that summer in SW France is all about sunshine and sunflowers, this photo is for you...

It was taken a little over an hour ago and fortunately for me they were facing the right direction. We passed some others who unfortunately for me were facing the other direction so it was not possible to take a photo.

We changed direction and this is what we found........

..... a sea of goldeness, all lapping up the lovely sunshine!

à demain mes belles, Leeann x


  1. Oh….I need my son to see this! He just bought his girlfriend some flowers…her favorite flowers because he wants to make up something huge to her! But now they are wilting because he left them in the car in the 100 degree heat! I told him not to! I'm doing my best to revive them! But sunflowers are glorious! We used to grow them in California all of the time! I love them!

  2. Beautiful! I love sunflowers; they're so happy!


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