Arrived today....fabulous and oh so French

I could not resist sharing a photo or two with you of this fabulous barometer that has just arrived at Fabulously French.

It appears to be working but I am not 100 % sure but think that it would look great hanging on a wall as it is very decorative and as long as where you live is "beau temps" (fine weather) which is what it is showing at present, you will not have a problem.

Please click here for further details.

à demain, Leeann x


  1. I LOVE it!!!! What is $75 E in US dollars?

  2. Bonsoir,

    It equates to 92 USD :-)

    Leeann x

  3. Oh my goodness, this is so beautiful!! You find the most gorgeous things, Leeann.
    Happy Monday.

  4. Absolutely beautiful, Leeann!

    Best wishes, Alex


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