love this mix...

This photo is my idea of perfection but with a few magazines scattered around the the sofas and think that the sparkly chandelier contrasting against the rustic beam looks fabulous and very French.

Note this photo along with many others that you will find here was taken in the Dordogne, the same region that we live in.

à tres bientot, Leeann x

p.s. still hot and sunny here!


  1. very pretty indeed, and i just love visiting Dordogne while in France.

  2. Does it get as hot as 100? I live in Mississippi and it gets WAY too hot here. I visited Paris in 1999 before they had that awful storm afterwords that took away some of the 500 year old trees at Versailles.

  3. hot here as well..needed a break actually,so somehow the computer ended up on my lap!!!!????!!!!Now that's strange,right ;)
    Just loooove that livng room too - the beams,the furniture,the colors - you nailed it!!!Hopefully someday my living room will end up something like that ..working on it:)

  4. haha,knew I had seen it before,just checked,this home is in one of my post that's not published yet.That's funny.Need to publish this beauty for sure,-the entire home is simply stunning!!!
    Tove once more :)

  5. really nice chandelier :)) wish you a nice day! svenja


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