bon week-end à tous....

Bonjour from a hot and sunny SW France,

Looks like today is going to be another scorcher, the weather could not be more perfect for the Afrolatin music festival that is taking place here in Eymet, this weekend.

The 1st of July marks the start of the season here and there is a lot of activities taking place including the weekly night market, art exhibitions, medieval banquet, oyster and white wine fair and a whole host of other activities.

Changing the subject a little, I do not know about you but I adore Hydrangeas or Hortensias as they are called here in France.

They are so different to other flowers and I find them calming when ever I have them in the house.

I found the perfect vase for them; a vintage champagne bucket and I love the idea that when I am not using it as a vase I can revert back to putting champagne in it hence it is a useful object....

Bon week-end à tous, Leeann x


  1. WWe also call them Hortensias in Spanish. One of my favourite plants. But beware because they are extremely poisonous!

    A happy weekend to you, Leanne.

  2. OH. I want some of your weather please.
    It's a cold and cold day here in Melbourne.
    Enjoy your weekend. Don't forget to sit down and have a cold ice tea (smile)

    Julie x


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