Love this colour...

photo from here

Blue is one of my favourite colours...... is it one of yours?

As you know I have fallen in love with a lovely grey-blue colour and painted a few more items at the weekend including an antique mirror, clock and some candelabras.

I will take some photos later today and that the camera talks to my new laptop which I am quickly developing a love/hate affair with; love the look of it but hate the layout of the French keyboard!

a demain mes amies, Leeann x 


  1. Beautiful color....I would love to try working with woad to see the color it leaves on the old linens. Hope you are having better weather than we are in the south.

  2. I've never really been a "blue person" but I find that I am being drawn to it as of late - funny how that happens! Just bought 2 blue shirts. xo

  3. Leeann I too love blues of this tone and am excited to see your painted pieces!

    Thought you would enjoy...Interview with Leslie of Segreto Finishes and her fabulous Book Giveaway!

    Art by Karena

  4. Bluuuuuuue, yummmmm. Jo @ Let's Face the Music


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