Taking the time...

{entrance hall @ Maison 20}
......to make a few changes around the house.  It is a luxury that we take for granted....this thing that we call "time".

This week I have some allocated "me time" as it hasd been a while and we have been busy of late, with the various projects that we have on the go.

New changes @ maison 20 include the new wall light that you see above along with the black board which is updated weekly with details of activities taking place in our village and nearby.

I also ordered copies of old postcards of Eymet which I have hung in the entrance way.....here is one of them.

Other ideas include making a "ciel de lit" for the bedroom in our apartment on the 2nd floor along with changing the bed for a larger one. I am also  going to replace the light fitting with something a little bit more romantic, you can be sure that there will be some crystals.

What fun, I adore making changes. Are you the same, or are you happy to leave things as they are?

Dites-moi, J'aimerais savoir ce que vous pensez....

Leeann x 

p.s. will try and photograph some of my new tresors today, light permitting as it is raining here again today.


  1. Beautiful light in the hallway. I love changing things around but have a hard time letting things go once the change is finished....especially the little things.
    We have the similar weather in Provence today...

  2. It looks good! it's really nice to change from time to time, it feels like a new home! :-)

    mlle norvegienne

  3. Dearest Leeann,

    Oh sure, I will tell you what I think... Guess we're kind of kindred spirits as we're constantly 'nesting' and changing, improving. As long as we're doing that: WE LIVE!
    Have a great mid-week.

  4. I love to change things Leeann, seeing how something with a little tweak or a new position can alter not only a room but the piece itself.I am busting to get out of our minuscule Paris apartment and spread our wings and be FREEEEE! No space to move too much at all at the moment :)
    Carla x


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