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May Day (La Fête du Muguet, La Fête du Travail) in France is a public holiday to campaign for and celebrate workers rights. It is also an occasion to present lily-of-the-valley flowers to loved ones.

What do people do?

People in many areas give bouquets of lily-of-the-valley  flowers to loved ones. This custom is particularly common in the area around Paris known as Île-de-France. Families with children in country areas get up early in the morning and go into the woods to pick the flowers. Individuals and labour organizations in urban areas sell bouquets of lily of the valley on the street on May 1. There are special regulations that allow people and some organizations to sell these flowers on May 1 without paying tax or complying with retail regulations.
Trade unions and other organizations organize parades and demonstrations to campaign for workers rights on May 1. People may also use these events to campaign for human rights in general, to demonstrate against racism or highlight current social issues.

Public life

May 1 is a public holiday. Post offices, banks, stores and other businesses are closed. Outside of tourist areas, restaurants and cafes may be closed. However, some stores in Paris, as well as at airports and railway stations and along major highways, may be open. Public transport service schedules vary depending on where one lives and intends to travel. Parades and demonstrations may cause disruption to traffic in the centers of large cities, particularly Paris.


King Charles IX of France was presented with lily of the valley flowers on May 1, 1561. He liked the gift and decided to present lily of the valley flowers to the ladies of his court each year on May 1. Around 1900, men started to present a bouquet of lily of the valley flowers to women to express their affection. The flowers are a more general token of appreciation between close friends and family members these days.

The eight-hour working day was officially introduced in France on April 23, 1919, and May 1 became a public holiday. May Day was not observed during World War II. However, May 1 became a public holiday again in 1947. May 1 officially became known as La Fête du Travail (Labor Day) on April 29, 1948. Since then, it has been an occasion to campaign for and celebrate workers' rights. The day is also known as Labor Day in other parts of the world.


The lily of the valley and dog rose flowers are symbols of May Day in France.

......très bonne semaine à tous ! Leeann x


  1. This is exactly what I blooged about this morning! Love the antique image you posted to accompany your post. Bonne Fête du Muguet to you.



  2. Interesting post! I remember May Day when I lived in France. I bought Lily of the Valley from one of the street sellers - such pretty, delicate flowers.

  3. Looking forward to having a bunch of Muguet in my apartment. I love may day. Such a beautiful tradition in France. Carla

  4. really miss this! I can find lily of the valley in London but this is not the same buzz!


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