plans for the weekend..

{Fabulous photo from Rodney Smith}

Bonjour from a sunny and getting warmer SW France,

The snow has gone and we now have lots of lovely sunshine today. I have spent the morning Spring?! cleaning and I have plans to spend this afternoon in the up a storm!I am hoping to go huting for tresors tomorrow as it has been a while...and I have withdrawel symptons.

What are you doing this weekend? Dites-moi..Leeann x


  1. You sound like a fun weekend is in the making. We are going to celebrate dinner this evening in a local Italian restaurant, specializing in the freshest seafood.
    Then a long walk on the beach

    Thanks for your post


  2. What a wonderful photo! It's sunny and so much milder here in the North of England today. So we are driving into the Ribble Valley countryside for a late lunch at one of our favourite restaurants. Have a lovely weekend!

  3. I wish that we could have some snow, but I am on the water in Florida, and it is warm! Have a happy Spring time.

  4. I have to see what you cooked during the week end ... may I have a piece?
    Bisous, Babi


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