Christmas love is...

...being in the kitchen


red velvet reindeers,

pretty fairy lights,

carols playing,

red candles flickering on the dining table,

mulled wine simmering on the stove,

gingerbread biscuits cooking in the oven,

and FBF waiting patiently for biscuits to cook.......

all reasons why I adore Christmas!

Leeann x

p.s. I will be sharing the recipe on Friday.


  1. My son the other day sighed and said,
    Christmas lights, good food, Charlie Brown Christmas playing... does it get better than this?

    Love the Noël banner!

  2. Looking forward to the recipe. Christmas is such a lovely time. I'm about to have mulled wine, enjoying the aroma of cinnamon, orange and cloves from my new candle with a warm glow from the Christmas tree lights....a great night in!

  3. Love this post and I truly love those reindeer. It's not Christmas without red velvet reindeer!

  4. It all sounds cozy and warm, especially on a day like today where the rain is lashing down.

    And I love your NOEL banner - I've pinned it for future reference.

  5. Leeann you paint a cozy picture! I too adore this time of year with all the sights and scents of the season. It sounds like you were able to get all your ingredients for the gingerbread after all! Enjoy. xo ~Lili


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