tired but very happy...

That is how I felt last night when we returned from spending the day in Bordeaux.

We managed to even fit in a very quick visit to the Salon de Antiquities where we saw many beautiful things and I wish that we could have stayed longer but the main objective was to collect the lovely lady that you see in the photo above.

Many years ago she was used by a costume designer in the Bordeaux theatre.

She is a Stockman mannequin and in fabulous condition apart from a few pin holes on her shoulders which I think only adds to her character and I only wish that she could speak as I am sure that she could tell a story or two.....I adore her.

A demain mes amies, Leeann x


  1. Wow! She is beautiful! Glad you had a lovely trip.

  2. If you only had tie to get one thing Leeann this was the perfect one!!!I adore her as well,what a sophisticated beauty who adds so much charachter.I envy you,but have to get one similar as well:)
    May you have a lone and happy life together:)))

  3. I am looking for a mannequin to display my ethnic jewelry collection...this would be perfect. Will be in Bordeaux to visit my parents in 2 weeks...cannot wait

  4. Hi Leeann!
    She IS in fabulous shape!!!!!!! Lucky you, I hope you keep her.... I have one not a stockman..... Old I named her Jacqueline years ago after a French seamstress I knew....xo Maryanne

  5. Great buy!!! This is what everyone is looking for! Have fun with her! That she'll inspire you!

    best, Beatrice


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  7. She's beautiful. You were very lucky to find her.

    Just seen your post on Brantome Leeann. We visited last year in September. It's so very pretty.



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