Photos taken at the weekend...part 1

As you know, we attended a vide grenier at the weekend, in the very gorgeous village of Brantome.

It is called the Venice of the Dordogne and is about 1 1/2hours drive from Maison No. 20.

The vide grenier was set in a gorgeous park by the river and there was 170 stands. The atmosphere was great as there was a good mix of locals and professional antique dealers.

It was cold in the morning (9 Degrees) but by lunchtime it was 31 degrees hence it was wise to dress in layers.

Unfortunately I did not get time to take photos of the other stands but here are a few that I took of our stand.....

Love the clock in this photo and was pleased in a way that it did not sell... not sure that FBF agrees as it is his clock.

In this photo I am telling French Boyfriend (FBF) that he needs to focus, enough said..

In this photo, you can see many of FBF's tresors, our stand contained a mixture of antique and vintage items which had been relooked, the relooked items were a hit with the younger crowd.

FBF looking relaxed before the rush set in.....

Me and my not so discreet croissant.....well a girl has to eat, hasn't she and what is nicer than a fresh croissant.

More tresors including a lovely trumeau mirror, chandelier and a very shabby chair...

And last of all, an old child's bed containing lots of lovely Mathilde M products.

Please come and visit me tomorrow as I will be showing you some photos of the village that I took yesterday before we left.

Leeann x


  1. Antique markets are the best!!! There is nothing better than precious old furniture.

  2. What lovely treasures you have! If I were there that clock would have been mine!
    Lovely post.

  3. Bonjour Leeann
    I wish I were there to help you.(smile) Looks fabulously fabulous.

    Julie x


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