well dressed mannequin...

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When I saw this photo I thought wow. It contained all the things that I adore...vase with flowers,wooden parquet style floor, fabulous bath and the object that I adore the most - the fabulous and oh so well dressed mannequin complete with fur and strings of pearls.

I bought one similar a few years ago and no matter what I dressed her in she never seemed complete. Hence I have a feeling that she will be getting a new wardrobe this Autumn. All I need to do now is find a fabulous fur and lots of pearls.....any ideas as to where I can find them?

Leeann x


  1. Such elegant simplicity!! Love the style! I've seen fur collars at flea markets and antique stores..you'll run across one eventually. Keep looking.

  2. Leann, my friend's daughter has one in her bedroom and I love it. Want one!

  3. Hi Leeann,

    Love this beautiful photograph, so very stylish.
    My daughter has bought a few old furs from Trademe.co.nz. and they have been quite reasonable. Good luck with your search.
    Have a lovely week


  4. I love that shot too! I never even thought to put furs on my mannequins but that beauty looks fab!
    Leeann I've found them many times at junque stores like the Goodwill here in the US. Maybe you have something like that? At any rate I know you'll find one that's perfect for you.*winks* Vanna

  5. I love the photo too and you have given me an idea. I might be on the hunt as well - furs are abundant this season but you will perhaps be looking for vintage. I know a fabulous place in Paris if you care for a visit. x

  6. Leeann,
    Loved your Lifestyle feature in Australian Cosmopolitan magazine.


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