old but new at the same time...

I hope that you had a new weekend. We had a fabulous weekend and manged to go to two markets and 4 vide greniers and also visited a couple of new Salon de thés - hence today I am feeling a little jaded.

At the first vide grenier, I inquired about a gorgeous soupiere which has a lovely blue and white toile de jouy pattern on it. I was pleasantly surprised when the vendeur advised that she was selling the whole set. I paid and advised that I would return to collect.....needless to say French Boyfriend was not too happy to hear that I has purchased 3 cartons of china -all of which were rather heavy.

Next purchase was 3 lovely vintage Vierge Marie Statues which easily fitted into my basket.

{two of the statues that I found yesterday}

We then headed for the next vide grenier, which was being held in a field. For some reason I prefer these to the ones held in the centre of the village - why I am not exactly sure.

At the first stall that I stopped at, I was mesmorised by many chapelets (rosaries) hanging on a stand. The vendeur advised that they were old but new as they were found in an old shop hence they have never been used. They really are stunning and all are different in terms of colour, size and crosses.

Other finds of the day included stands for putting your knife on, which I have realised that are necessary as if you do not have them on the table, the french place the used knife directly on the table cloth as the French do not change cutlery between courses hence putting the used knife on the tablecloth is normal practise.

A lovely jewellery box which will perfect for storing my lovely chapelets in......

Another tresor was a rather large and very heavy candelabra and from the same dealer this lovely applique which I adore.

I plan to update the online shop with the new stock, later today but have a few things to do in the interim.....unfortunately work comes before play!

Très bonne semaine a tous..... Leeann x


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