a normal day in SW France...

My day has gone something like this......

1. Have a visit from an antique dealer friend who arrives with prospective present for antique dealer boyfriend's birthday - decide that it will be fine but need something else to go with it which brings me onto task 2

2. Accompany friend to another friend's antique shop where I see perfect present for boyfriend so buy it and between the two of us manage to carry it back to my garage where I try and hide the best that I can.

3. Decide I need a sweet fix so pop to shop and guess what is next door to the shop.....another antique shop. I think that you will guess the rest......instead of coming home with just a bag of bon bons I end up bringing an antique manequin with me.

4. Finish ironing a sheet which is supposed to be stock for the shop, instead whilst ironing I think....this would make a fabulous curtain for my bedroom. So I get big ladder out of the garage and up I climb to remove existing curtains. I then pin the sheet carefully where the pole will go.French boyfriend arrives so I ask him to give me a hand to remove gently but I tell him in English, he does not understand and then tells me that I should have told him in French! Manage to repin, fold carefully and take to my lovely sewing lady who advises that it will be ready Friday afternoon.

And to think that it is only 4:30 pm........it is funny how some days you get a lot of things done and other days nothing at all.

All I need to do now is keep boyfriend out of the garage until his Birthday on Monday....

A tres bientot, signed a très occupé Leeann x


  1. sounds like a perfectly wonderful day to me....


  2. What an incredible day! I love how life pulls us in so many different directions in one day. Enjoyed this post so much.

  3. bestill my heart! that is an ongoing dream to me!!!



  4. Looking forward to seeing a picture of the new bedroom curtain when it is ready! Veronique (French Girl in Seattle)

  5. I hope boyfriend doesn't find his gift early. I thought you were going to use the sheet to cover it!

  6. You go girl....sounds like you are having a great time. Take care Amanda x


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