I need lots of this...

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Pourquoi you may ask? Well we are busy preparing for an antique show which is taking place at the weekend and I have a feeling lot's of energy is going to be required.

The morning started with call from French boyfriend, stating that no stand had been reserved for us and that he had sorted it all out and we now had a stand.

Thought that this was a little odd as I had an email confirming that WE had a stand. Note the WE part as you can probably guess the rest........darling boyfriend had asked if there was a stand in his name as opposed to checking both of our names.

A couple of hours later when we are in the car, heading off to organise the hire of large van for weekend, I remark that it was odd that there was not a stand in either of our names.

A rather large silent pause, after which he replies yes there was a stand under my name but he told them it was no longer required as Madame & Monsieur XXX would be having a stall.

Enough said but feel that it may be a long week...........Leeann x

p.s. photo comes from a local company who sell chocolate and also have a chocolate museum!


  1. I totally understand. Although, I may snicker at your story, I realize it is still the same everywhere, men and women trying to communicate.

    Have fun and please take pictures.

  2. Ahhhhh so typical! men! Whatcha gonna do? Lol!
    I hope you have a great sale despite the small stand snafu *winks* Vanna

  3. A very funny, as in wry, story... Yes, and it is only lundi.

    I need to go to that chocolate museum and eat up all the exhibits, non?


  4. Chocolate and wine Leeann. They'll be your friends this week. Although I'm sure the event will be great fun. I'd probably want to buy as much as I was selling!


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