Yummy time of the year...

It is a yummy time of the year here in SW France, if you a lover of figs or figues as they are called in French.

I adore them and as you can see, we have a basket full of lovely ripe figs. I am thinking about making jam but any other ideas would be gratefully accepted.....

Leeann x


  1. i love them too! with lovely in a salad with prosciutto, and goat cheese.. or as is or even baked with a little brown sugar... humm you are making me hungry!
    xo sandra

  2. Grilled figs are wonderful - Just a few minutes on a hot grill and then topped with some good honey are a perfect summer dessert.

  3. We'll be in the south of France next week and I am very much looking forward to all the lovely food and drink!

  4. LOVE Figues!!!!!They lok yummy!Maryanne xo

  5. In Italy as apetizer, you can present figd with Parma ham!! yummy!!!

  6. They look so delicious just as they are! How fabulous just to go outside and pick so many.
    Blueberries and blackberries are available at the moment and we have just come in from the garden after picking loads, raining now though!! Wish we had your lovely sunshine.


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