Vive la Franc...

When I saw these tea towels at this mornings brocante in our village, I could not help but smile.

The reason for the smile, they have a price tag in francs.....a currency that has not existed since 1998.

The vendor explained that they came from a famous store called L'Aquitaine that no longer exists.

I could not resist buying them (5 in total) so if anyone wants a slice of history albeit not very old, they are 10 euros each and you will find them here.

I also have 3 vintage tea towels that came from the same vendor that are older - circa 1940's for the same price.

You can find them here......

Bon diamanche a tous, Leeann x


  1. Love them. I bought some similar tea towels when bicycling in northern France last year. We are returning in September to cycle from Normandy to the Mediterranean Sea. I hope I can put some found treasures in my bike bags.

  2. Oh I love these wonderful tea towels, so wonderful to see the price tag in francs!


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  3. How fabulous. A little bit of history right there. My only regret is I didnt buy enough linen while away...will have to return. x

  4. Hi there i have just placed an order for the tea towels with the french franc tag. I love everything vintage and french.I look forward to their arrival.It is hard to find authentic french vintage here in Australia. Love reading your blog too.
    Lisa :)

  5. I absolutely adore French tea towels! And I see why you couldn't resist buying them...we too stock such towels but your prices are a bargain! I am tempted to have them shipped to Australia... have a great week, and happy hunting! Tammy

  6. Oh they would look so great in one of my large candy jar! love the french franc tags...

  7. Hi Leeann
    your french is soo good. its wonderful to see you are still loving life.


  8. Not only do I love the towels but the hang tags too! Very cute.



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