fabulous and french.....bien sur!

{photo from here}

I think that this meeting room at the newly opened Maison Martin Margiele hotel in Paris is most definitely fabulously French - what do you think, do you agree?

Leeann x


  1. that is not only french, this is complètement Paris ...with all the chandeliers and the gold and truly a royal ambience. nice picture.

  2. These pics make we wish I was back in France.

  3. Yes I agree. So here is the plan. To be in ts gorgeous environment celebrating a momentous occasion, perhaps a 50th - it's a while to come but I can still dream. X

  4. Hi Leeann

    my 2 girlfriends are in France for the last half of the month. I SO wish I was there with them...

    next year I will have to arrange a visit.


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