5 hours from our house...

is the wonderful city called Barcelona. It is one of my favourite cities, the architecture is fabulous as is the food and there are lots of fabulous shops................What more could a girl want?

Thought that you may like this, How to be a stylish tourist in Barcelona, click here

A tres bientot, Leeann x


  1. Thanks for sharing ... wishing you a great week ...

    Katie from

  2. feeling a bit jealous actually, i wish i could go! Bracelona is such a wonderful place, wonderful art to look at too. enjoy :)

  3. I do like it! And you are going too? How fabulous. I have just returned from my trip to France and Spain and loved Spain. I found Barcelona so interesting but at the end of my trip I am not sure if I was stylish and could have done with some hints.

  4. Barcelona is indeed an amazing city. Loved it when I visited acouple of years back. :)

  5. It even has a fantastic football stadium to send the menfolk to so they can't get bored! (although next time I go to Barcelona, that's going to be on my must do list!)


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