wash day in France....

{photo from here}

There is something about the old laverie (washing area) that always takes me back in time. I can almost hear the ladies talking amongst themselves as they go about their washing.

At the same time it makes me appreciate the lave-linge (washing machine) as I for one would struggle with having to wash larger items such as sheets by hand.

There are many in our area and there is one not far from our house which still has the stones where the ladies knelt when washing, the stones have been worn with time in the spot where they would have placed their knees....

And on that note it is back to work, I go......

Bon courage a tous, Leeann x


  1. I have one across from the house, the only thing I do use, but only to look at, from those days is a wonderful old wooden washboard that had seen many, many hours of hard work.
    Luckily we have machines and can have the liberty of more creative time.

    Diane. x

  2. oh that image makes me smile - thank you as I needed a smile this morning!

  3. Hi Leeann,

    We do not know how lucky we are and I am so glad to have the modern washing machine.
    Lovely photo with the pretty bed linen and waterlilies.

    Happy Thursday

  4. Dearest Leeann,

    I remember well that I helped my Mom wringing sheets by hand... over the shoulder and getting wet yourself plus it was heavy. The first 'centrifuge' that came into our family was a GIFT. Then came the automatic washing machines; thank goodness!
    In Indonesia however we've seen still women do the laundry like age(s) ago for the western world.

    Lots of love,


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