vendredi fleurs...

Can you believe that is is June/juin already -where has the time gone? And here we have another Friday....

This weeks flowers are very special to me as they have a wee story that goes with them.

On Wedenesday we had guests arriving which is a day ahead of market day in our village and we normally buy fresh flowers at the market. Hence I had a wee dilemma on my hands. French boy friend suggests that we go to the man that we normally buy our flowers from and see if he has any available.

In typical French style our "flower man" suggests a couple of choices, all of which have yet to be picked - you cannot get fresher than this. I had picked the flowers for the apartment and was admiring all of the roses which ,to my surprise were a mixture of both English and French varieties. I am a rose lover and many years ago in what seems like another life, I had a fabulous old house with a rose garden which I adored.

Our "flower man" disappeared from view for a few minutes. He returned waving the roses that you see above, stating that they were a cadeau for me.

I was not sure what to put them in - sometimes it is like every boquet of flowers demands a different vase and as a result I appear to have an ever growing collection of vases....

I remembered that a few weeks a go I bought the laduree tin at a local vide grenier......perfect for the roses.

Wishing you all a fabulous Friday, Leeann x


  1. So lucky to have an amazing "flower man." He picked the perfect roses and you displayed them so well. I currently have fresh lavender all over my house from my mother-in-laws lavender bush. It smells delicious!


  2. I wish I had a flower man! :)
    What great taste he has. I love your laudrée tin as well! Just gorgeous!!

  3. Oh how gorgeous Leeann!! I love flowers like this!!

    Art by Karena

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  4. Hi Leeann,

    How fabulous that you got the beautiful roses for a cadeau.
    They are such a dreamy colour and look perfect in the Laduree tin.

    Happy weekend

  5. this is the perfect vessel for your roses.
    charm, charm, charm....
    oodles of it

  6. Lovely flowers! Enjoy the fabulous weekend, Kellie xx

  7. Dear Leanne,
    Your story is lovely and so are your flowers x
    I too love roses. Today thghni have tulips and they too are sitting in a tin ( although I think it is leaking)
    Bon weekend

  8. A flower man how lovely (not to mention a French boyfriend too!) - don't tell Mr SE. Your roses look amazing especially in the Laduree tin. Happy weekend to you. XX

  9. It sounds so very French - they can be so generous in nature don't you think. Beautiful flowers and gorgeous vase. xx

  10. Very pretty Leeann....happy weekend, xv.

  11. One can never have enough vases, I suppose! Your looks perfect! Merci! Trish

  12. Just perfect post.. loved your trip down memory lane.. I also once long ago, had a rose garden.. aah, the smells, the joy it gave me. But life moves forward.. at least you have opportunity now to buy from your very dear friend, and still get to enjoy your roses Lee Ann.

  13. Charming Leeann...
    I WANT a Flower Man.
    xoxo~Kathy @
    sweet Up-North Mornings...


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