Sunday, 26 June 2011


{fabulous image from here}

It is incredibly hot here - 38 degrees and tomorrow is forecast to be even hotter.

Not good treasure hunting weather as I found out this morning, when we went to a local vide grenier as many of the brocanteurs packed up their tresasures and returned to the coolness that a stone house provides. Hence the reason that most houses are made of stone in our area, that said they do take a lot of heating in the winter but you cannot have it both ways.

This afternoon I find myself dreaming of a tropical island, anyone want to come with me? I am sure that I can find room in my avion privé...

Leeann x


  1. We have had it cool here in Chicago the past week... warming up today though
    Stay cool

  2. It is so hot here too, Leanne.
    Stay cool.

  3. Our house has a stone first floor then siding. Couple that with being in the woods and our house stays remarkably cool also. Then when winter comes, I still have my own internal heater that comes on frequently to keep me feeling very toasty.

  4. Love the image. Yes, 38 degrees would be very hot in my books!

    Pam x

  5. I would be there in a heartbeat...the weather has not been cooperative by any means...and it's a REAL downer!

    I am ready for some tropical surf and sun...oh, the dream of it all!

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  7. Hi Leeann,

    Yes, please a little trip to somewhere warm, would be great.
    Hope that you manage to stay cool.



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