vendredi fleurs..

{photo taken around the corner from Maison No. 20}

Bonjour from a tranquil SW France - it is after all only 7h53 in the morning...the forecast is for a sunny and hot (28 degrees) today so I am hoping that we get more of this for the weekend.

We are going to be having a stand at a local brocante on Sunday so my plan is to start getting my "stock" organised today.

Wishing you all a fabulous Friday/Je vous souhaite à tous un fabuleux vendredi....Leeann x


  1. These roses are the epitome of your blog - fabulous and French!

    I love the colour and the fact that they appear to be rambling down a wall in a local street.

    Good luck for all that the weekend holds in store for you,

    x Felicity

  2. Hi Leeann
    Beautiful roses in time for Mothers day this Sunday in the southern hemisphere!

    I adore the new pelmet in your side bar and I looked at the pics on Ebay - stunning rich silk fabric and fringing - amazing colour too - cerise or amaranth!

    Enjoy your weekend!

  3. Hello Leeann, Your photo is just beautiful! Love the roses and the building they are climbing on!
    Wishing you a successful brocante
    this weekend and hoping we get to see pics...
    Have a wonderful weekend!

  4. Hi Leeann!
    Love your new look!!!!!! the pink is very pretty..... Thanks for the Friday Flowers, always appreciate them and how nice to have those roses be so close to your home....Maryanne xo

  5. Oh my stars! This is what I am aspiring to around my french doors leading out to the patio/back yard. So beautiful!


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